One Day You Will Meet Someone Who Will Make You Remember What True Love Is Supposed To Feel Like

One day you’re going to meet someone who makes you remember what love is supposed to feel like. And you are going to meet someone who shows you exactly what love is like. And this time, this love is going to stay permanent.

One day you will meet someone who won’t make you question anything anymore. They will make you want to shout and scream out to the universe that you are in love. And you aren’t going to be afraid. 

One day you will meet someone who will make you realize that every decision in your entire life has led to meeting this someone.

And you’ll maybe start to believe in fate, and in every other magical thing that you used to scoff at.

One day, mention of your first love will make you smile at the memories, but it won’t make you miss them. Because now you have a greater love. Something bigger than you two. Something more powerful than anything you could ever imagine.

One day, mention of your other exe’s won’t make you wince. It won’t make you sting anymore. Because, now you have found the someone who is greater than any of them combined.

Because now, after searching for so long, you have found the love you have always wanted.

Someday, you are going to meet someone who gives you butterflies in your entire body. And you aren’t going to want to shoo them away. You’re going to let them stay and let them grow.

One day, you are going to meet someone who makes you laugh until breathing becomes impossible. And then you’ll look up at them, and feel breathless all over again. Because even just one look into their eyes, sends you flying.

One day, you are going to meet someone who kisses every inch of your body. They are going to adore all of those parts of you that you tried to hide from previous partners. They are going to kiss you so softly and so gently, that you will think to yourself, my god. This could be love.

And one day, you are going to meet someone who you will fall deep for. It will happen slowly, and then all at once. It could happen in a day, or in a year. But you will fall and for some reason you won’t be so scared anymore. Because the way they look at you doesn’t make you question how they feel. And the way they hold you each night, doesn’t make you feel scared it will go away.

Because the way that they say your name, and smile slightly at you when you aren’t looking, says everything you’ll ever need to know.

One day, you will meet someone who will remind you that love is good. And that their love for you will never fade.

One day you will meet the right someone for you. And it’s not going to end, darling. It’s not going to leave. They aren’t going to leave you.

By Lauren Jarvis-Gibson for ThoughtCatalog