50 Things We All Deserve to Have in a Relationship

You don’t have to seek perfection. There will be compromises. Love shouldn’t be one of them.

I’ve been blessed in my life to have had great relationships. I’ve also had some…let’s say….less than great relationships.

It’s these not-so-good ones that have made being in love that much sweeter, and more appreciative of my husband. Sometimes in life we can’t get a clear picture of what we want until we first experience what we don’t want.

This doesn’t mean that you need to seek perfection in a relationship. That will only leave you baffled and frustrated.

But I do believe that while in life we may need to settle for certain things, love should not be one of them.

Here are 50 things in a relationship that will have you saying “hell yes!”.

  1. A number one fan.

  2. Someone who constantly pushes you to be your best self.
  3. Late night conversations that feel like a slumber party.
  4. Mutual trust.
  5. Unwavering respect.
  6. Lots (and lots) of cuddles.
  7. Someone who can see you at your worst without pointing it out to you.

  8. Spontaneity.
  9. Laughing so hard that you pee your pants a little.
  10. Outside picnics just because.
  11. Intense intimacy. Sex. And the knowledge that sometimes they are two different things.

  12. Deep appreciation of each other.
  13. Coffee and pancakes in bed on Sunday mornings.
  14. Long walks.
  15. Someone who will stand up for you, especially when you can’t stand up for yourself.

  16. Lazy days.
  17. Passionate kisses.
  18. Popcorn and movie marathons.
  19. Someone who you can’t wait to see at the end of the day.
  20. A hand holder.
  21. A best friend.

  22. Someone who knows what you like and makes a point to get them for you.
  23. Lots of little (and big) surprises.
  24. Road trips.
  25. A new family.
  26. Luminous, loving eyes.
  27. Someone who will never forget your birthday.
  28. Love notes.
  29. Heartfelt confessions.
  30. Silly moments.
  31. Freedom to be yourself.

  32. Long, lingering dinners.
  33. Someone who will stand up for themselves when you know you’re getting out of line.
  34. Tiny heart flutters.
  35. Endless hugs.
  36. Venting sessions.
  37. Shared goals and dreams.
  38. Breaking the rules (occasionally).

  39. Nights of stargazing.
  40. Protection.
  41. New friends.
  42. Someone who will challenge you.
  43. Inside jokes.
  44. New adventures.
  45. Comforting smiles.

  46. Someone who knows what they want but isn’t afraid to be humbled.
  47. Back rubs.
  48. Devotion.
  49. Someone who knows your worth (and their own).
  50. Magic.