Men’s Thoughts About When He Ignores You But Likes You Inside

So, you like a guy. Even though he shows signs of liking you back, he starts to ignore you? Here are reasons why he chooses to do that.

Why does the guy I like ignore me?

A common complaint among women is that the guys they like keep on sending mixed messages concerning their relationship’s status. This only serves to blur the status of the relationship. As a man, I understand that when a guy ignores you, you can feel quite miserable, especially when you like him. It can be difficult to understand why a man suddenly starts to act in the way they do. When your guy starts to ignore you, you will have a lot of thoughts running through your mind. Is it that I have done something wrong?Is he facing certain pressure in life?Is it that he is fed up with me? In order to find out why the guy you like starts to ignore you, there are certain questions that you need to answer. First, you will need to find out how the guy ignores you. Are there ways that showed that he was ignoring you? Is there a moment in life when the guy showed interest in pursuing you but later started to ignore you? Does he say he likes you but on the other hand ignores you? By understanding how the guy you like ignores you, it is possible to have the right focus on the problem at hand and avoid getting into the confusion that comes from.

Why the guy you like starts to ignore you

One thing that you need to realize is that guys are not always ignoring girls particularly if they are in love with them. This is due to the fact that it is hard for dudes to play hard to get. Guys will never tease a girl but suddenly ignore her if he is truly in love with her. In most cases, guys are open about their feelings if they find the girl to be special.

Does the guy I like ignore me?

In case you feel that the guy you like is starting to ignore you, there are three questions that you really need to ask yourself? I. Does the guy you like really ignore you? Is there a particular time that the guy showed some significant interest that made you believe that he had interest in you? On the other hand, was there a time when a dude had to spend time with you but after the moment passed, he went on with his life? II. What could be the reason why he chooses to ignore you? Are there some clear signs that you have noticed in the recent past that shows that he ignores you? Could it be something that you said? Consider the different ways in which he ignores you and finds out if you can for sure say that he has chosen to ignore you. If possible, try to remember the exact time when he started ignoring you. III. What is the impact of him ignoring you? Definitely, you will be hurt by the fact that the guy you like chooses to ignore you. This is particularly the case if you find him special to you. However, you will need to consider the impact of his decision. Is the guy a key part of your life? Is he worth your effort in trying to understand why he has started to ignore you?

Necessary to understand why the guy you like ignores?

There are moments when you would better not spend any effort in trying to understand why he ignores you. You may choose to ask him. But if the guy avoids you, he will not give you the real reason for ignoring you. This is despite the fact that he will continue to ignore you. This means that it can be difficult to understand why he has started being distant to you. The good thing is that there are not many reasons why a guy will start to ignore a girl they like. Unless he is from Mars, you can definitely tell why the guy suddenly pretends that you do not exist. All you will need to do is to read some signs and reach a conclusion.

Reasons why the guy you like starts to ignore you

When the guy you like suddenly ignores you, it could be as a result of one or more of these signs. All you will need to do is to read these signs. You will then use the 3 questions above to know why the guy you like starts to ignore you. It will be easy to see where he fits into the scenario.

1. The guy is gradually losing interest in you

After meeting him for the first time, he seemed infatuated with you. However, as time went by, he started losing interest. It could even be that he is already getting bored or there are some better things to do that he has found.

2. There is a misunderstanding between you and the guy

It could be that you misunderstood the guy and thought that he was in love with you. But the fact of the matter is that the guy never liked you. It is you who misunderstood him and you assumed that he loved you.

3. The guy wants to spend time with his family

It could be that the guy ignores you because he is spending time with his family. He will ignore you until the right time when he is safe from those nosy eyes of family and friends. You should bear in mind that he may be finding it hard to break with his family time. This is especially the case when it is Christmas and he doesn’t reply to your calls and texts. Though you are still in his thoughts, he will ignore you until he is away from his family.

4. He is annoyed

There are many guys out there who will openly talk about their emotions. But there are still many others who will rarely tell you when you hurt them. Instead, they will only shut up and ignore you. It can be a bit difficult to make these kinds of people to admit that they are actually bothered by something. If your guy is the non-emotional kind, it could be that the only reason why he chooses to ignore you is that he doesn’t want to talk about his feelings. It could even be that he is angry with other people rather than you but doesn’t want to talk about it. The only reason why he ignores you under such circumstances is to avoid getting into an argument with you.

5. The guy you like is jealous

Probably you have found a new guy who has turned into a BFF. Or you are hanging out a lot with the girls. If this describes you, then the guy you like may be jealous. This has made him choose to ignore you. There are various ways in which men can show it when they are jealous. But one of the most common ways is when they start to ignore you. If this is the case, you will need to spend more time with him rather than your buddies. Alternatively, you can invite him when going out with your buddies and make sure you introduce him as your boyfriend. This will help to remove any feelings of insecurity on his part.

6. The guy you like wants to end things

At times, the guy will ignore you for a reason that you would rather not know. However, you will need to know the fact if you are going to make the right move. The only reason why the guy you like chooses to ignore you is that he wants to end the relationship with you. Since he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, he chooses to ignore you. He wants a situation where he ignores you to a point where you will get sick of him and end it so that he will not have to break the news to you. But before you consider this as the reason why he is ignoring you, you will need to speak to him to find out his reason for doing that.

7. He ignores you because of his light love

It could be that the guy prefers to go easy when it comes to matters of love. Probably, he has never read those fairy tale novels. This means that he doesn’t find a relationship to be such a big deal.

8. Honorable guy

It could be that the guy has suddenly realized that you like him. Since he is a gentleman, he doesn’t want to lead you on and therefore, choose to ignore you.

9. The guy you like has other priorities

We all have different priorities at different stages in life. This means that the guy could be having different priorities now. It could only be that you are no longer his first priority. If this is the case, it should be up to you to decide whether you should continue making him your priority when it is clear that he no longer care about you.

10. He ignore you because you gave in easily

Most guys like a woman who is hard to catch. This is because this is a clear indication that the girl is worth the chase. Now that the guy was able to get you quickly and even took you to bed, he will no longer find it a challenge to impress or even woo you. If you want to avoid the chances of a guy suddenly choosing to ignore you, you will need to always play hard to get.

11. Awkward

It could be that the guy who ignores you doesn’t like you. He may find it awkward to admit that. He could have started by flirting with you. Now his mind has already convinced him that it is a better alternative to ignore you instead of telling you that he is no longer interested.

12. Good life makes the guy ignore you

It could be that there is something interesting that is happening in the life of the guy. This means that you are no longer in his thoughts. This could be in the short term or even in the long term.

13. The guy is confused

It could be that the guy is already confused about his feeling. This has made him believe that the right decision would be to take one step backwards. He will start to avoid you for some time in order to get the time to decide what he wants. In such cases, you will need to understand how to read mixed signals from a guy.

14. Moral dilemma makes him ignore you

It could be that the guy you like is already cheating on you with someone else. Yes, this could be a tough pill to swallow but we cannot ignore the fact that it could also be a reason. If he already has a girlfriend, and he has gotten what he needed from you, the only way out will be for him to walk away from you.

15. Expectations on the guy

Could it be that you have placed a very high expectation on the guy? For instance, it could be that you think he ignores you if he is calling you less than 3 times in a day. It could be that in his thoughts, he finds it okay to call you once in a day. This means that you have expectations that are different from his. This is what makes you think that he is ignoring you.

16. The guy is not caring

It could be that the guy doesn’t ignore you intentionally. It is only that he is no longer caring enough to consider your opinion.

17. Imbalanced love

It could be that you are in love with the guy but he doesn’t like you back, or at least the guy doesn’t like you as much you as you like him. This will make you feel miserable because you will not be in his thoughts.

18. The guy you like needs space

Could it be that you are too needy and clingy? Is it that you don’t give the guy space to breathe? If your answer is yes, it could be the reason why the guy ignores you. You will need to understand the signs of being clingy and avoid them.

19. The guy you like is too busy

There are chances that the guy ignores you because he is genuinely busy. While he may need to spend some time with you, he can’t get the time. This may make you to believe that he has chosen to ignore you.

20. The guy is in a love triangle

When you first met him, he was very much into you. However, with time, he met someone more interesting that you. This person takes more space in his thoughts and so he starts to ignore you.

21. The guy has never liked you

This could be hard to swallow, but it is always a reality. The guy has never liked you. It is only that you ended up misreading the signals. When he noted your interest in him, he started to ignore you.

22. He ignore you because of wandering eyes

There are guys who will always have that wandering eyes. While he may already like you and considers you to be a nice person, he is always searching for someone better.

23. He ignores you because you act differently

Before we heap all the blame on him, you will need to watch your behaviour. It could be that you are spending a lot of time before responding to his texts or calls. It could also be that you are too busy to a point that you don’t see him. If you have been acting differently, it shows that the guy feels as if there is something that is not going well in the relationship and this is why he chooses to ignore you.

24. He is scared of love

The guy may like you too much and therefore chooses to ignore you like. This is because he is scared of you. He finds it better to ignore you instead of falling in love with you and you end up breaking his heart. This is mostly because he will not believe that you like him that much. If you think this is the case, you will need to learn how to make the shy guy talk to you rather than ignore you.

25. The guy is just selfish

It could be that the guy has already used you and he has moved on to another target. He is the kind that keeps on hoping form one girl to the other. He doesn’t find a reason to remain in touch with you and even show his caring side.

Final thoughts

It can be hurting to read these signs as to why a guy ignores you. However, nearly every lady has gone through such a phase. The most important thing for you now is to determine how to deal with it. Consider whether there is a need to keep pursuing the guy or you should just keep your distance. If you keep pursuing him further, this may only serve to draw him away from you. So, it is advisable to keep your distance and also ignore the guy. There are chances that when you ignore him, he will start to like you. In fact, you might find that he will start to like you just when you were on the verge of giving up. If he doesn’t show any interest in you, it is advisable to forget about him and move on to a better dude who will appreciate you the way you are!