How Many Kids You Should Have Based On Your Zodiac

Some of us have spent our whole lives wanting to be moms. We played with dolls and pushed them around in baby strollers when we were little girls. We spent our teenage years babysitting or volunteering at daycares. And as young adults, we can’t help but get misty eyed when we see an adorable baby on the bus or watch a diaper commercial. And then there are some of us who couldn’t be farther away from wanting kids. We picked trucks over dolls and break out in hives when someone suggests we take a turn holding the baby. We don’t understand why they cry so much and why their diapers have to be changed all the time. So you might be totally baby crazy with a big case of baby fever, or you might be completely repulsed by these tiny humans. Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle! But maybe you’ve decided to start thinking about kids. You might not be ready to have any yet, but maybe you just enjoy daydreaming about what your life would be like. How many kids should you have? What kind of mom are you going to be? Don’t worry, the stars have all the answers you’ll need. Just trust your zodiac sign to point you in the right direction, but be sure to listen to your gut too. If you want three kids, but your sign says you won’t have any, you do you, boo boo!

12. Aries: Warrior Mom To Lots Of Kids

Get your cribs ready, Aries! The stars predict that you are going to have lots of kids. We’re thinking at least three or four. Why? Well to begin with, you’re a little bit impulsive. You’re going to fall head over heels in love with motherhood, and you won’t want to stop cooing over little newborns. But don’t worry, you’re also known as the fighting sign of the zodiac. You have what it takes to wrangle a brood of kids and put up with those pesky parenting challenges that come with a ton of kids. Similarly to Jennifer Garner, you are a warrior mom! You’re powerful and confident. Your kids will know not to cross you because you’re always ready to go. You’re also independent and a bit of a diva. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you’re going to lose yourself. You understand that you need to have your own life separate from your family. And you also get that your kids will want to have their own lives when they grow up, so you won’t be a smothering helicopter parent either.

11. Taurus: Serious Mom Of 2
Looking to the stars, they say that a Taurus like you should have two children close together in age, like Jessica Alba. You’re patient and nurturing, which are awesome qualities in a mom dealing with young kids. But two is plenty for you – anymore than that and you might get overwhelmed. When it comes to parenting, you know how to mix both business and party. You’re serious when you need to be. When you tell your kids to look both ways before crossing the street, they’re going to do it! But once you’ve made it safely to the other side, you’re ready to let down your hair and relax a bit. You’re down to earth and aren’t afraid to roll in the mud with your kids from time to time. Lucky for your family, a Taurus mom is also known to be a careful spender. You won’t be blowing the household budget on anything crazy because you know how to save and shop the sales. You’ll raise your kids to be well behaved and to respect authority.

10. Gemini: Unpredictable Mom Of Twins

As the twin sign of the zodiac, of course the stars are going to predict twins for you, Gemini! You are dual-sided and have a love for multiples, so there’s definitely a chance that you will have twins. You’re nurturing and love to inspire the genius in your kids. Your kids will be the first to read and recite the alphabet. But don’t let your impatience get the best of you, Gemini. Your kids know that with you, things will never be boring. You’re complex, and since you’re dual-sided, you often have two opinions on matters. So while you might be really strict about the type of food your kids eat, you’ll be totally lax when it comes to the music they enjoy. Heck, you might even take them out to a jazz club! You’re definitely not the most traditional mama, but your kids will love your passion and zest for life.

9. Cancer: Devoted Mom To 2

For you Cancer, the zodiac predicts two babies who are several years apart. You are the mother of the zodiac, so it’s only natural for you to have a deep maternal instinct and love for parenting. You’re basically a mother to all of your friends, and you sometimes even feel like you were born to be a mom. You enjoy your home life and connections to family, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you took some time off to stay home with the kids, like Jessica Simpson. However, you can also be a little moody, which is why the stars suggest you take a few years to learn and decompress between having your babies. As the mother of the zodiac, you are going to have a deep connection with your baby from the start. You’ll want to be intimately involved in their lives, and you will throw yourself into making your home happy and healthy for your children.

8. Leo: Passionate Mom Of 2 To 4

Leo, you are the lioness of the zodiac so you need a little lion pack of your own. The stars see you having between two and four children. Sound like a lot? Don’t worry! You’re the perfect multi-tasker and abundantly patient. You have a natural maternal instinct that will override your need to be independent and strike out on your own, like Jennifer Lopez. But you’ll pass on that independent streak meaning you get to raise self-sufficient and prepared kids. You’re all about the passion, so you are going to throw yourself into your role as a mother. You’ll be very hands on and take a lot of pride in raising successful and capable children. We can see you coaching the little league team, driving the kids to dance class and practicing French lessons on the way home. Your children will be inspired by your success and want to emulate that in their own lives.

7. Virgo: Orderly Mom Of 1

Virgo, for you, the stars are thinking just one bundle of joy. Let’s be honest, you know that you can get anxious and start to overthink and over-stress about certain situations. Parenthood would be no different. Just like Jennifer Hudson, it’s best if you just have one child that you can fully devote yourself to. You’ll love pouring all of your kindness and affection into this one tiny human without having to stretch yourself too thin across lots of babies. You like to have order in your life. Playdates, feedings and doctor appointments will all be perfectly planned and mapped out. On the other hand, you also have a relaxed side to you and will know when to let loose and play. You’re a brain, so it might be hard for you to spend all day with a developing human. But your motherhood journey is all about adventure and wisdom. You’ll get where you need to go!

6. Libra: Balanced Mom Of 2, 4 or 6

Libra, you love balance, fairness and equality. In fact, you love these things so much that the stars think you’ll have an even number of children: either two, four or even six! You’re also the type of parent who would be open to adoption since your compassion is virtually boundless. You love the idea of giving a child in need a loving home. That craving of balance will come through in your parenting style as well. You’ll seek to find the calm point in motherhood, even if there is chaos going on all around you, like Kim Kardashian. Before kids, you might be one to procrastinate and take your time, but motherhood will get you organized and on schedule. You’re the relationship sign of the zodiac, so you will love investing all of yourself in your children. You’ll love helping them to arrange their lives just as much as you love arranging your own.

5. Scorpio: Eccentric Mom To So Many

While other signs watched “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” or “19 Kids and Counting” in horror, you, Scorpio, were kind of intrigued. You love the idea of raising an entire army of children, and the stars agree that you would be perfectly suited for the task. They see you ending up with an entire village of kids. Just like Demi Moore, you’re a hot-tempered sign, but that just means you have enough love and affection for all of your babies. You have a strong desire to surround yourself with loved ones, and you’ll be off to a good start with your car loaded with babies. When it comes to parenting, you can be a bit eccentric. Your moods get the best of you sometimes, and your kids aren’t always sure if they should cling on or run away. But you’ve always got their back. You’re fiercely protective of your family, and people know not to cross you. As a water sign, you’re known to take to motherhood fast. You’ll know exactly what to do as soon as your first parenting challenge presents itself.

4. Sagittarius: Adventurous Mom To Maybe Just 1

Sagittarius, the stars see you at your happiest with one child or maybe no babies at all. Don’t get us wrong, Sag moms are the absolute coolest! Just look at Katie Holmes! But, your adventurous nature makes it hard for you to stay in one place for long, and you might struggle with the demands of motherhood. But if you want to trek all over the globe with a baby in tow, you’re going to be awesome at it, and your kid is going to have the coolest childhood ever. You’re definitely a free spirit, so motherhood will be an adjustment for you. You love to live in the moment, act on impulse and trust your instincts. You love your freedom will be slightly compromised with a new baby in the picture. Raising children takes a lot of time and energy, so you have to be honest with yourself and see if you are ready for the commitment. But if you decide to go for it, your kid is going to be one of the luckiest kids around with a mom like you!

3. Capricorn: Super Mom Of 3

Capricorn, you are the sign who can do it all! Seriously, it’s like you’re superhuman or something. Just like Amanda Peet, the stars think you’d have no problem raising three kids all close in age, kicking butt at your day job and managing the household. But don’t worry, you’re going to ingrain that sense of accomplishment in your kids so they’ll be helping with the chores in no time. While Cancer is the zodiac’s mother sign, Capricorn is actually the father sign, which is interesting for your mothering style. You’re a taskmaster who is concerned with power and structure. That means you aren’t afraid to enforce the rules, teach your kids the tough lessons and be their parent, instead of their friend. It doesn’t mean you can’t be emotional or feminine, it just means you understand that parenting is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

2. Aquarius: Adaptable Mom Of 1

Like your Sag sisters, you love adventure and taking off on pure fantasy. In fact, you’ve got a childlike energy about yourself that makes it tough for you to transition to motherhood. The stars think you would do best with one child – someone you can be devoted to without cutting off your imaginative side. As a mom, you’re adaptable—just look at Christine Lakin. You’re curious and eager to try all of the parenting tips and tricks to see what works best for you and your baby. With all that experimenting, you are comfortable in every domain. Whether your child wants to become a teacher, actor, scientist or tattoo artist, you are supportive and ready to learn what you need to know. You’ve figured out how to be devoted yet give your child the distance they need. You can be both spontaneous and controlling, which gives you great balance as a mom.

1. Pisces: Warm Mom Of 5+

Watch out Scorpio, Pisces might take over in the race to have the most kids. As a Pisces, you are the fish sign, and you truly desire to surround yourself with your own school of little fish. The stars think you’d be happy with five babies and maybe even more! You’re filled with emotions and can’t wait to nurture and guide your children throughout their lives. When it comes to parenting, you’re both warm and a bit of a perfectionist. All the other moms will be jealous of you. You’re the type of mom who will find a way to have the most fashion-forward closet or on-trend home and still create that loving and warm environment for your family. You are both empathetic and elegant. Your kids look up to you, and the other moms want to be you. You’re filled with unconditional love and support for your family, and your door is always opening for hosting the other families in the neighborhood.

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