If Two People Are Bound To Be Together, They’ll Get Their Way Back

People often wonder about the course of their lives and the role of fate in them. Some firmly believe in destiny; some people think that some things are destined to happen, and not to happen. They believe every experience they’ve gone through and every single one that they are yet to go are all predestined, and it’s all a doing of fate. However, that’s not all there is to believe. Some people don’t have as much faith in fate, and we’re divided like that.

Because while half of us like to think life is a series of events that have been decided to happen by fate, the other half thinks fate is what we make it be, that we write our own destiny. If there is any such thing as destiny at all, then the course of chance can be decided by us. It can be twisted, turned and altered according to our wants and efforts. Some believe life is in fact what we make it be. The rest of us think in neither or believe in both these notions equally, and they’ve somehow managed to find their balance. They believe life goes on. Somethings one can control, and other things are out of our control. Some just believe in the power of their love.

When someone falls in love, they think it is either of these: the bond they have with their loved one was meant to be, it was because they wanted it with all their heart and soul and they made it happen. Thus they turned it into their destiny or that it is both. Losing someone we love can make us think of all these possibilities. When we’re grappling with a situation in which we must let go of someone who means the world and more to us, we think of everything that could’ve made it happen and everything that could’ve stopped it from happening. Sometimes, when we have to learn to let go of our loved one, it must understand that some things aren’t going to work in our favor no matter how hard we try or how much we want them to.

Similarly, when someone ends up walking away from us no matter how hard we try to make them we wonder what to blame it on. We try to pick a substantial reason: whether it was written in the stars to end that way, whether it was our destiny or whether it was both. But when your heart is so full of love for someone that you’ve never felt love take over your soul that way and they love you back just as much then, the truth is, lovers like these will always, always find their way back to one another.

They will somehow, for some reason of the other, go back to that person. Their life will inevitably take them back to each other. As mysterious and as unfathomably gigantic the universe may be, it does know where you stand in it, and it is aware of what your desires are. The universe does conspire to bring you closer and closer to your dreams and aspirations to the point where you finally meet them and embrace them.
Two people, truly, madly in love with each other will find a way to turn their destiny around because that is the kind of power their love holds. It can alter fate.

Their decisions and their actions will take them to the person they love. The void formed in their life by the absence of their beloved is one that can not and will not be filled by anything else so, they will make sure they are always with that person or at least they will die trying. Ultimately, fate leads people to the place where they want to be in from the depth of their soul, and their own doings take them where they want to go.
Because there are always somethings and some events that we may not be able to control because we’re only human, we may never get what we’re looking for.

There are people in this world who spend their entire lives with a gaping hole caused by their loved one’s absence in it. When we fall insanely, deeply in love, we come to the realization that love is like the shadow of God himself. It follows us wherever we go throughout our lives and because of its omnipresence, we never really move on from the love we have for someone. It remains with us, forever. That is something some of us learn to live with. Not all of us are lucky enough to be loved or love the one we want to love, and so we learn to live in their absence. We learn to live in the dark without the light of love.

Whatever the case in the life of the one who loves may be, the one thing that remains more constant than anything else is that being in love can chain you to the one you love. Things may go as planned and things may not go as planned, but a lover’s love remains the same.

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