Don’t Watch The Sunset With Me If You Don’t Plan On Watching The Sunrise Too

Don’t watch the sunset with me if you will be gone at night. Only watch the sunset with me when you’re willing to stay with me till the sunrise; I don’t want to talk about things that don’t matter that will be forgotten the next morning. I want to talk all night about the darkness and about the light, about the dreams and the setbacks, about the love and the heartbreak and about me and you. I want to take my time talking and listening and laughing and crying. If you don’t have the time for that then you don’t have the time for me.

Don’t spend time with me if you want to spend time with someone else. Only spend time with me when you’re ready for spending a lot of time with me, when you’re ready for taking random road trips and long walks after midnight, when you’re ready for random dinners on weekdays and chilling at home on Sundays and when you’re ready to make time for me. Don’t give me half of your time when you can give me all your time.

Don’t call me at night if you don’t plan on calling me every night. Don’t make me fall asleep thinking of you if you don’t plan on reminding me in the morning that you were thinking of me too. Call me when you know that you want to hear my voice every night before you sleep because it makes you smile, call me when you don’t want to call anyone else but me because no one else gets you like I do and call me when my call becomes the one thing you look forward to in your day because it makes it all a little bit easier.

Don’t ask me personal questions and make me open up to you if you don’t plan on keeping all my secrets. Don’t ask me about my childhood if you’re not going to come home with me so I can show you my box of memories and the pictures that defined my childhood. Don’t ask me about my family if you don’t plan on meeting them one day and telling me that they’re exactly how I described them to you.

Don’t ask me about my past lovers if you plan on being one of them. Don’t let me trust you with my secrets if you plan on being one yourself.

Don’t ask me about my broken heart if you’re planning on breaking it again.Only ask me when you’re ready to love me, when you’re ready to prove me wrong, when you’re ready to do whatever you can to slowly put the pieces of my broken heart back together.

Don’t love me if you’re not going to be crazy about me and don’t try to be part of my life if you’re planning on leaving. Only come in my life when you know that there is nowhere else you’d rather be.

By Rania Naim for thoughtcatalog