Dear Mom, In Case You Didn’t Know

I hope to be strong like you someday.

I feel like the older I grow, a lot of things get left unsaid.

So, Mom, in case you didn’t know…

I do In Fact, Like You.

I know, I’m a brat and a complainer, and I often come off as rotten. But seriously, that doesn’t mean I don’t like you. I mean, somedays I like you more than others, but I know the feeling is mutual. I always love you… even if I was excited to come home to dinner to see you’re passed out on the couch with the devil dog by you, snarling at me to “get away”, with nothing on the stove for me to eat. (I know, I can cook for myself one day out of the week.) I like you even when I wake up from a nap and you ask me 852 questions in record-breaking time, although you should know by now I’m always too crabby to talk after I wake up. Even if you read my 12 texts, some of them being “SOS” and “SERIOUSLY reply to me!!”. I hope you realize I still like you.

I Will Miss Your Cooking One Day

I have never met a soul who wasn’t more than just fond of your cooking. I have also never met a better cook. Yes, restaurants are nice… but those pumpkin rolls from scratch and home made potato soup are a thousand times better.

Sometimes I wish I could Help More Than I Do

I know it seems like I don’t help much around the house anymore, doing daily chores or yard work. Balancing a part time job while being a full time student in college really is difficult, and although it seems like I have all the time in the world, I don’t. I help when I can, and I hope you appreciate it when I do.

You Are Beautiful

You don’t hear that enough, atleast not from me anyway. I’m glad the little ladies at work make up for it, because that is something you deserve to hear. You are beautiful, both inside and out. (People say we look alike for a reason, ya know… (Just Kidding))

I Appreciate All That You Do

I feel like I say this enough, but may not show it. I really, really do appreciate all that you do. As a single mom, as a hard worker, as a role model…. I appreciate everything. I appreciate the financial support for college. I appreciate the constant thoughtfulness. I know when you have extra money, you think of what you can do in order to benefit your kids. I appreciate the home cooked meals, I am so lucky to have a mom who not only cooks, but cooks the best. I appreciate your support. I know that no matter what I do, you will be proud of me. I appreciate your acceptance. I know that at any time in my life, whether I’m doing great things or going through a rough patch, your door is open. You give me a home, you give me a life, and I am eternally appreciative.

I Am Proud Of You

Most of the time, you don’t hear children talking about being proud of their parents. While it’s usually the other way around, I, your daughter, am proud of you. You have never failed to provide love and support. There have in fact been times I wasn’t convinced we were doing anything more than “just getting by”. You manage as a single mom to play a role as more than that. You cover all the bills on your own, and some. You have never ever failed, and you have always found a way. Not everyone gets as far as you when they feel like giving up. You never give up. You never have, and you never will. I am proud of you, Mom.

I Apologize

I apologize for those times I make your life a little harder. When you’ve had a rough day and come home in hopes to have a nice conversation, but instead not everyone’s home, and the one that is, is crabby. I apologize for making you come home to a mess, because I cut myself too short on time to clean. I apologize for arguing with you over silly things, sometimes saying things I don’t mean in hopes you’ll understand I’m upset. I don’t mean to, and don’t want to make your life hard. So, I’m sorry for the times that I do.

I Hope To Be Strong Like You Someday

You are the strongest woman I know. I don’t know if I’ve ever actually told you that, but I’ve written it in papers for classes and I’ve even explained it through an art project. You are independent, and you are brave. I hope that someday I am as strong as you when it comes to facing life obstacles that I’m deep down unsure about. You make life look easy, and no weak soul could do that. You are inspiring, and I Love You.

By Jace Binder for TheOdyssey