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Dear Future Husband, These Are My Prayers For You…

I have prayed, I am praying, and I will always be praying for the man of God you are.

“I prayed for you.” What a sentence to hear. What an even better sentence to get to say. What a feeling to get to experience God’s faithfulness firsthand through the person that He has designed to be your partner, your leader, your helpmate, and your friend. This is why I pray for you.

These are some of my prayers for you:

I pray for your heart for the Lord.

I pray you continuously seek Him out with a passion that is only for Him.

I pray that nothing hinders or comes before your time with Him and time spent in His word.

I pray that your love for the Lord is so much larger and more vast than any love you could ever have for me.

I pray that it is as constant as a broken human can love in a steadfast manner.

I pray that you have such a deep, intimate relationship with the Father, and it is evident in how you live your life, how you serve people and love them.

I pray that you seek out time with Him before time doing anything else.

I pray that your love for the Lord would be reflected in how you love me and our future family.

* * *

I also pray for how you will lead our family.

I pray that you will guide our family close to the Lord and exemplify our Heavenly Father’s love to our children.

I pray that you will encourage us in our walk with Christ, guide us to a closer relationship with Him, and pray for us.

* * *

I pray for the days that you are enduring and enjoying and the lessons you are learning and experiencing.

I pray that these days will mold you into the man that I get to marry one day.

I pray that you serve the Lord with a joyful heart and will continuously do so.

* * *

I pray that you are so unashamed of your excitement and praise for the Lord, and I pray that you share it so blissfully with everyone you come in contact with.

I pray for God’s peace to cover you like a wave, and I pray for you to walk in that every day.

* * *

I pray that you share your struggles with me and that you lean on me.

I pray for that you have an abundance of humility and an overwhelming amount of kindness.

I pray that you speak with wisdom that comes only from the Lord, not from men.

* * *

I pray that our relationship would seek the Lord before we seek each other.

I pray we would hold each other accountable, encourage each other, lay our burdens on one another, share our joys with each other, and, simply said, love one another.

* * *

If I were to simply put a prayer for our marriage into one sentence, I would say that I pray our marriage seeks to glorify our God.

I love you. I am constantly praying for you. I am so excited to see how the Lord is going to work through our marriage. I have prayed for you and prayed for you, and I will continue to pray for you.

The Lord is so faithful, and I can’t wait to get to experience another example of this truth.

By Abigail Smith for Odyssey