7 Ways To Build Intimacy In A Long Term Relationship

Intimacy is a beautiful thing.

Long term couples might be facing some difficulty in keeping the spark and the intimacy strong, but it’s not hard if you two love each other with all your heart and are willing to do some things to keep the love alive. Just try and practice some of these, if not all, and it will surely bring you two closer.

7. Have date nights

Plan date nights, after sometime couples fall into a comfortable routine and forget to give each other individual time, by this I don’t mean to put the entire burden of being romantic on the guy, instead have alternate date nights, that is, you plan one night and your partner plans the next week. This way you both get a chance to express your love in different ways and pamper each other, it doesn’t have to be always fancy, it could be as simple as trying out a new flavour of pizza, just make the experience your own.

6. Look into each other’s eyes… longer

This might sound weird, but don’t they say eyes are the windows to our souls, it is an important and the easiest exercise to build intimacy. You look into each other’s eyes all the time, but the point here is to, hold the gaze. This is a sure way to build trust and bring you guys closer; eyes don’t lie, after all. In fact, you will feel closer instantly and it might even lead to a kiss or two.

5. Go for food shopping together

I say, go food shopping. Everybody has a special love towards food and buying food, as opposed to regular shopping which might be disliked by some people,  men mostly. So, plan a day and go for food shopping together, this will also be an opportunity to know each other’s food preferences better, you can also do some food experiments together. Also, you guys can pick things to prepare a dish and then cook it as a team, it will be a fun way to spend time together and what better reward than food, with some added love.

4. Try to have a weekly sit-in

Most couples will find this scary, what if this turns into a fight or a bitter discussion, but there is always a right way and a wrong way of doing things, all depends upon your approach. Often, we avoid speaking about something which is bothering us, it never truly leaves our mind, causes resentment, things keep piling up and  later result in an explosion. Having a healthy discussion will keep you up to date with whatever is going on in your relationship and consequently you will work towards improving the things that are missing, which will lead to a better understanding. The best way to have this check-in is; sit with your partner, face them, let one person speak first while the other listens without any interruptions and then the other can speak, let the person talking finish completely, then you can give your input on it and have a healthy, productive discussion. Avoid using a harsh tone and negative words, have a loving attitude.

3. Find a common activity

This could be liking a similar sport,  TV show or liking a similar book, or a shared love for video games; find something that you both thoroughly enjoy as individuals and then do that activity together. What could be better for your intimacy than enjoying your similarities, you will enjoy each other’s company more and keep things exciting.

2. Plan an entire day together

In our busy schedules, it can be difficult to fit this one in, but it’s possible to devote a day to each other at least once a month or even once in two months, just take out time away from normal life. On this special day, you don’t have to set any rules, the only rule is to not have any  and just be together, doing whatever. You can have a movie marathon, or take a walk, or go out, just do anything but dedicate this day to the two of you.

1. Spend some time apart on purpose

We have all heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder, it does work until the absence is for such a long period that the other person gets used to being without you, to make it work in your favor, give each other some space, spend some time apart and make the other person miss you. This will not only keep you from taking each other for granted but also give you time for yourself, to have me-time. When you miss them, you can see and appreciate all the things that the person does for you and you will have a happier relationship.

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