33 Things I’d Rather Do Than See Happy Couples On Valentine’s Day

Get me out of here.

The best day of the year is undoubtedly Galentine’s Day when you get together with your girlfriends and have a night to chill out and not worry about the day ahead. Unfortunately, it’s followed by Valentine’s Day, which wouldn’t be so bad if every couple ever didn’t come out of the woodwork to publicly embarrass themselves. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are 33 things I would rather do than see happy couples together on February 14th.

1. Take an exam that I didn’t study for
2. Take an unbearably cold shower
3. Get pulled over and not be able to cry my way out of a ticket
4. Forget to put my ice cream back in the freezer and let it turn to soup

5. Forget to check the weather in the morning and plan my outfit all wrong
6. Go to class hungover
7. Go to pick up a package and have it not be mine

8. Carry a heavy package all the way across campus and then realize it’s not mine
9. Show up for my 8:30 only for it to be canceled

10. Watch someone get the job I applied for
11. Send an email to a professor and forget to attach my assignment
12. Drunk text my ex
13. Slip and fall on ice in the Quad
14. Have my text messages projected to a class because I forgot to close the app on my laptop
15. Pick up the wrong breakfast sandwich in the morning
16. Have my wisdom teeth removed
17. Never attend another Villanova basketball game again
18. Show up for a job interview underdressed

19. Show up for a job interview overdressed

20. Have it rain on my wedding day
21. Confidently answer a question completely wrong
22. Get a horrible tattoo while drunk
23. Spill my hot tea all over myself
24. Walk around all day with a stain on my shirt that I didn’t know was there

25. Have my umbrella malfunction while it’s pouring rain
26. Go to send a screenshot of a text to my group chat and accidentally send it back to the person I screenshotted
27. Vote for Donald Trump

28. Forget my Netflix password
29. Get pink eye in both eyes
30. Get a new phone and crack it the next day
31. Get stung by a jellyfish on spring break
32. Lose my passport in a foreign country
33. Fail out of college