25 Promises I Make To My Future Husband

Being able to make promises to the one you love can help you to uphold your relationship to the most honorable standard possible.

I know marriage might not necessarily be on anyone’s mind who is reading this, but these promises can be used in other ways too. If you are ever considering marrying someone, I just hope you will analyze whether you have found the person meant for you by having a list of things you promise to that person, as demanding as they may be, if someone is truly meant for you then they are worth every ounce of you time. As for me, here is my list:

To my Future Husband:

1. I promise to always listen to you

2. I promise to let you have the last cookie/ piece of pizza/ etc. MOST of the time

3. I promise to make you my first priority at all times

4. I promise to support you no matter what

5. I promise to be there for you on your bad days

6. I promise to celebrate for you on your best days

7. I promise to never be jealous of you

8. I promise to always be protective and just slightly crazy

9. I promise to always be up for spontaneous trips

10. I promise to constantly annoy you with how many pictures I take

11. I promise to never cheat, look away, or leave you

12. I promise to uphold our relationship to a standard God would approve of

13. I promise I will never lie

14. I promise to always commit 110% to our relationship

15. I promise to always pester you to give me more attention and hugs

16. I promise to try with everything I have to give us the best life possible

17. I promise to give you my all

18. I promise to tell you “I love you” every day

19. I promise to always be myself and give you the room you need to be yourself too

20. I promise to always fight for you and with you

21. I promise to never love you for superficial reasons

22. I promise to discuss all decisions and life events with you

23. I promise to never let us get boring and keep life exciting

24. I promise to always know you love me

25. And I promise to always love you more

By AMY MAYNARD for theodysseyonline