16 Reasons ‘Lazy Girls’ Often Make The Best Girlfriends

She just doesn’t have time for that.

Don’t get me wrong, laziness in anyone can be irritating.

And I give an insane amount of respect to any girl who can put in the effort to always look flawless. Quite frankly, I wish I had the patience to do that.

I also know that it some people really enjoy going out always being on the go, but I’m here to tell you why dating a lazy girl may actually be your best idea.

So here are 16 reasons a lazy girl girlfriend can be the best girlfriend:

1. You will rarely have to wait for her to finish getting ready.

She hates taking the time to finish her hair and makeup, so she will rarely waste her time on it. In fact, that extra 30 minutes that she could be doing her hair and makeup, she will probably spend sleeping.

2. Most days she will rather stay at home and watch the movie on Netflix then go to the theater.

This can work out in your favor by saving money.

3. Since she cares so little about taking the time to make herself look perfect, you won’t have to worry about her trying to impress other guys.

She doesn’t have time for that.

4. She isn’t high maintenance.

You won’t have to worry about having to please her because it won’t be difficult.

5. You won’t get sucked into long shopping trips.

If she doesn’t even like spending hours walking around the mall, she definitely won’t drag you around either.

6. She’ll encourage lazy habits.

You need this more than you realize in your hectic life.

7. She would rather plan a weekly date than trying to plan something for every single day.

Even if she plans on spending every day with you, she won’t go through the hassle of planning elaborate dates for every day because she know’s she’d rather spend them on the couch with you.

8. You will rarely see her in “real” pants.

Either she’s in leggings or her underwear. Seeing her in jeans will make you question what is really going on.

9. She won’t wake you up early.

She loves being lazy so you definitely won’t find her waking you up before you’re ready.

10. She know’s shortcuts for 90% of tasks.

She doesn’t see the point in spending extra time on something if you don’t have to.

11. They won’t spend time digging into your past.

They’d rather just ask you whatever they want to know because digging themselves will be too much work for her.

12. Lazy girls tend to be the type to chug a bottle of wine.

I don’t mean in a night, I mean like within an hour or two. She’s definitely the type of girl you want in your life.

13. You’ll get to know the real her.

She won’t bother pretending to be someone else because that is exhausting and she’s way too lazy for that.

14. She would rather spend a day on the couch with a book.

Her idea of a perfect day includes you, her couch, a cup of coffee and her favorite book.

15. Her idea of a fancy date night includes a pizza or you making her noodles.

She would rather have dinner with you on her living room floor on paper plates than go to a fancy restaurant where you spend a ridiculous amount of money on fancy mac and cheese.

16. She’ll always be available when you need her.

You know she spends most of her time at home, so if you ever need her, she’ll be there.

By MADDIE WOODRUFF for theodysseyonline



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