15 Ways The Girl With The Soft Heart But Sarcastic Mind Loves Differently

1. She doesn’t have a filter.

She isn’t going to think too much about what she says before she says something. She’s always going to call it like she sees it. And that’s why a lot of people can get turned off by her. She can be tactless at times, but you always know that she’s being honest.

2. She hates the feeling of being vulnerable.

She really finds it uncomfortable whenever she’s being vulnerable with another person. It frightens her to think that she puts herself in a position wherein another person would be able to hurt her or take advantage of her.

3. It’s hard for her to open up to people.

She is really scared of opening up to people because she is frightened of letting people in. That’s why she relies on sarcastic humor a lot. It’s a defense mechanism. People can’t fault her for how she feels if they think that she’s joking all of the time.

4. She might come off as distant and indifferent a lot of the time.

She’s not really cold and distant; it’s just the image of herself that she’s trying to portray to others. She’s just secretly observing everyone around her even though she doesn’t seem like she’s invested.

5. She is really mushy and soft on the inside.

She might come off as someone who is completely cynical and real. She might be like a hardened individual who doesn’t really care much for feelings and emotions; but that’s all just an act. She’s a really kindhearted human being. She has such a soft and accommodating soul. And she’s beautiful the more you get to know her.

6. She is better at listening than expressing herself.

She might not be so good at opening up about her feelings; but what she lacks as a communicator, she makes up for as a listener. She is someone who you can really talk to all day long because of how greatly she pays attention.

7. She doesn’t really do anything with half-effort.

She never half-asses anything. She always puts her heart and soul into anything that she’s doing because she’s a passionate individual.

8. She really banks on her sense of humor.

She knows that a lot of what makes up who she is as a person is her humor; and she really banks on that. And it’s a hit or miss with a lot of people. She’s an acquired taste. But she knows that those who are able to appreciate her sense of humor are the ones who really understand her.

9. She is deeply appreciative of the little things.

She has great attention to detail. She isn’t just always about the big-picture stuff. Sure, she is focused. She keeps her eyes on the prize. But she knows that it’s all about the details. She knows that it’s all about paying attention to the little things.

10. She likes surprises.

She loves spontaneity. She loves thrill and excitement. She’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie; and she likes it whenever the routine gets shaken up every once in a while. She loves unpredictability especially when it comes to love and relationships.

11. She is a hopeless romantic.

She may act like she doesn’t care much for the cheesy and mushy stuff; but she really does. Underneath all of that cynicism and humor is a heart of a girl who just wants to be loved. And she wants to be loved in all of the cliché ways.

12. She might wait for you to say “I love you” first.

She is scared to say that she loves someone first. She just doesn’t want to have to put herself in such a vulnerable position with another person. She wants to make sure that she isn’t going to be shot down; that her feelings aren’t going to be unreciprocated.

13. She tends to overthink things a lot.

She is an overthinker. She’s going to read into things a lot more deeply than most other people would. She’s going to try to ascribe a lot of meaning and depth to things that are simple and mundane to others. It’s the curse of her bright mind.

14. She requires lots of polishing.

She is a little rough around the edges; for sure. And she might need a little polishing here and there. She’s going to require a lot of patience. But at least you know that she’s genuine. You always know that she’s the real deal. She isn’t trying to cover herself up with fake adornments just to look

15. She is such a badass.

But at the base of it all, she is a bad ass. She is a risk taker. She isn’t afraid of going after what she wants. She has a kind heart; but she also knows her worth. And she isn’t going to be shy about pursuing the things that she wants most in life.


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