13 Quotes For The Girl In Love With A Fuckboy

Get over him.

Everyone likes at least one fuckboy in their entire life, it’s bound to happen eventually. It’s detrimental to feel so much for a boy who literally doesn’t care what you’re doing or who you’re doing. As long as he sees three dots pop up after he sends that are you up text at 2 a.m. he’s content. So what do you do?

Simple, drop him.

You deserve so, so much more. For every harsh emotion these kinda boys bring you there’s always a beautiful poem to silence the storm.

1. When you feel sad

2. When you feel upset

3. When you feel worthless

4. When you’re confused

5. When you’re doubting

6. When you’re hurt

7. When you know you’re not the only one

8. When you feel used

9. When you feel betrayed

10. When you’re crying your eyes out over him

11. When you can’t sleep because he never replied

12. When you can’t move on

13. When you finally understand you deserve better

By Stephanie Therrien for Odyssey