10 Reasons To Have More Casual Sex

Sometimes girl’s just want to have fun!

Girls we’ve all looked through the magazines and seen the countless articles talking about ways to spice up your relationship. However, we rarely see topics that relate to casual sex and exploring women’s sexuality. Ladies, there are tons of reasons to have more casual sex. You can discover your true desires and let’s not leave behind the fun factors of it.

Let’s get down to it, sex can sometimes be just that—Sex.

Here are the 10 reasons why you should have more casual sex!

1. Girls just wanna have fun

When Cyndi Lauper sang this song we all knew what she was talking about! Sex is fun, it is enjoyable and women enjoy it as much as men. This can spice up your life in a way that no stable relationship will. Although having an emotional connection with someone is great, not all women strive for this and it’s okay!

2. Sexual healing

Enjoying yourself physically is one of the best feelings that we can experience. And what better way to do this than to discover what you like and dislike. Being able to experiment with your sexuality is a gateway to start connecting with yourself. When you know what you like on yourself and what you like other to do, this can make your future relationships stronger.

3. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Let’s be real, casual sex is not for everybody. This is a moment where you will know whether you are strong enough to be unattached or if you need that emotional connection with a person. This can be an eye-opener in realizing what type of relationship is for you and what you can handle.

4. Nothing is promised

One of the best parts of casual sex is that there are no commitments and no strings attached. Being able to free yourself from the dulls of a relationship is an advantage to any independent woman who is not looking to settle down. Like Colin Quinn said in Trainwreck: “Monogamy is unrealistic.”

5. Talk that talk

If you are more in the lines of having a fuck buddy relationship this requires for everything to be said upfront. In order for this to work you both have to be open and clear with each other so nobody ends up being hurt. Remember, this if done right is headed nowhere, no need for some relationship drama!

6. Cheap thrills

There’s no need to spice up your relationship but there is a need to spice up your sex life. The advantage of being single and ready to have some casual sex means that you can be Patricia on Friday and Veronica on Saturday. The possibilities are endless and you will be in control of the show!

7. Get fit!

Let’s get physical and lose some pounds while at it! Sex has physical benefits beyond pleasure that can help you get toned without the hassle of hitting the gym. So quit your gym membership and start getting active.

8. You learn what’s good for you

Does size really matter? You will definitely find out now. Sex comes in all shapes and sizes and it is up to you to see what works out with your body.

9. You’re in the saddle

The best part about getting involved with casual sex is that you have the freedom to choose what it is that you want to do. It gives you the ability be opened minded about sex and all the stigmas that come with it.

10. No need to apologize

Becoming involved in casual sex may seem just that, but the reality is that it unveils a big gap in its discussion in the media. Women engaging in unattached relationships have always ended in the creation of a new one. Being unapologetic and starting to discover yourself is a new way of breaking the gender barriers that have been established!

By Lexix Rodriguez for TheOdysseyOnline