The Type Of Woman He NEEDS, According To His Zodiac Sign

The stars know what he needs.

Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly the best type of person for you? Someone who can appreciate your flaws, make you a better person, and add incredible joy to your life?

Sometimes parents, friends, the clergy, and even matchmakers think they know better than you who would be the best for you. Heck, they may even try to set you up with random people your age. In cultures with arranged marriages, you may not have a say in who is determined to be a good fit for you. It’s lucky that most of us have a say in who we’re paired with.

Some people may have qualities that mesh well with the characteristics you do, and others may have traits that challenge you to grow as a person. It can be difficult to know who is really a good match and it can take years to find out if someone really is your soulmate.

There are potential significant others who look great on paper but the chemistry just isn’t there. It can be very disappointing when you’re dating someone and you know that ultimately you’re not a good fit for whatever reason. Maybe you are high energy and their energy is low, or perhaps you don’t share the same values.

Sometimes there are matches that just end up being toxic for both parties. They should have worked, but for some reason they just didn’t.

If ultimately we’re going to be with someone for the rest of our lives, we need to make sure that we’ll build them up, not destroy them, and that we’ll encourage their growth as well as our own.

Astrology can help you determine if you’re the right kind of woman for that guy you have your heart set on. Find out what type of woman he needs the most, according to his zodiac sign.

An Aries man needs a competitive woman.


An Aries man needs a woman who can not only keep up with him, but who will challenge him. She’s not going to hold back or let him win; she’ll whoop his ass! The woman that an Aries man needs, takes what she wants from life and never shies away from a challenge. There are no obstacles or problems for a competitive woman, she’ll just find a way to defeat them.

A Taurus man needs an earthy woman.


Taurus needs a woman who is sensual and delights in pleasures of all the senses. She doesn’t need things to be super-fancy, and her home is comfortable and welcoming. She’s calm, down-to-earth, and very sweet.

A Gemini man needs an intelligent woman.


Geminis are smart and great communicators, and they need a woman who can do more than hold her own in a conversation — they need a woman who adds to the conversation in amazing and innovative ways. She’s extremely intellectual on her own, has a great sense of humor, and is great with people. Gemini needs a woman who will hold his interest for a lifetime, and an intelligent woman is the one to do that.

A Cancer man needs a maternal woman.


Cancers are bursting with emotions, and they need women who are nurturing and loving. They need a woman who will listen to them, offer constructive and kind advice, and who will always be there to love and support them.

A Leo man needs an impressive woman.


Leos grab the spotlight and need a woman who can hold her own. She’s beautiful, smart, funny — the whole package. She’s able to let Leo shine without disappearing into the background. She’s supportive without being submissive. Together they’re an impressive team who dazzles every room.

A Virgo man needs a meticulous woman.


Virgos are very reliable and analytical, and they need a woman who can meet their exacting standards. The right woman for a Virgo is well-groomed, independent, and whip smart. She’s not oversensitive and has a firm sense of her own worth, even when Virgo is overly critical and harsh.

A Libra man needs a well-rounded woman.


Libras are charming, social, and fair; they can’t stand when things aren’t balanced or when people are overly aggressive to them. A Libra man needs a woman who can go with the flow. She’s socially adept, attractive, and appealing in her own right. She helps keep things on an even keel for Libra.

A Scorpio man needs an independent woman.


Scorpios are very passionate and can be very intense, so they need a woman who won’t break down when things get heated. A Scorpio man needs a woman who not only will stand up to him but can hold her own. Scorpio wants the best, and an independent, fiery woman is the best.

A Sagittarius man needs an energetic woman.


Sagittarius men like to be on the go, and they like to be stimulated by new ideas, places, and people. An energetic woman is up for anything and has an enthusiasm for life that complements a Sagittarius man’s spirit perfectly.

A Capricorn man needs an out-going woman.


Capricorn men have a tendency to be a little on the quiet, conservative side and they need a woman who will bring out their fun side. She should be confident, hard-working and dependable, but also friendly and social. She does well in her career — not just because she’s good at it, but because she works well with others and they like her.

An Aquarius needs an unconventional woman.


Aquarius men are very often unorthodox and they need someone who is just as unique as they are. She should definitely have her own opinions and thoughts, and have an interest in having an atypical kind of life. These two march to the beat of their own drums, but somehow they’re able to make beautiful music together.

A Pisces man needs a loving woman.


Pisces men are creative dreamers. They need a woman who has her own dreams and creativity, but can also pull him back down to earth in a loving way. He thrives in her care and feels comfortable when surrounded by her love.

by Christine Schoenwald for YourTango

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