20 Dirty Sex Talk Phrases GUARANTEED To Make Him Crazy

How often do you feel that your partner is no more interested in you? Does he ignore you and takes you for granted? Well, if that’s the case with you then you really need to do something about it. We all know that every relationship fades with time and becomes frustrating and traumatizing. We feel restricted, bored, and lacks interest in each other. But that situation can be easily avoided if you are willing to put little efforts in your relationship to bring back the romance and charisma. Now you must be thinking what should you do to get the attention of the guy you love.

Believe it or not, every guy loves to be with confident, independent and passionate women. They want a woman who can drive them crazy with their talks, looks and style. And the best way to attract your partner and to intensify your sex life is to do dirty bedroom talks with him. Talking dirty seems fun to some whereas a daunting task to other people, but with a little practice, you can surely master the art of talking dirty to your partner. Trust me adding a bit of spice and Vavoom to your partner’s day with dirty talks will make him go crazy for you. He will think of nothing but you.

How Dirty Talks Benefits Your Relationship?

Communication is the most important thing in any relationship, especially when you want your relationship to go smooth and filled with passion. This might surprise you, but erotic talks are equally important for any relationship to not only strengthen the bond but to make things get better in the bedroom as well. Talking erotic to your partner can also grow your bond with your partner and can add emotional closeness and increased communication in your relationship. Isn’t it amazing?

Not only dirty talks keep your partner thinking about you, but it also makes sex more enjoyable and hotter. More than anything, it is fun to talk dirty with your partner. You can do it while making out with your partner in bed, via texts, or via indulging in a phone sex, the choice is all yours. This might surprise you, but talking dirty works best in boosting man’s ego in bed.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 20 examples of dirty talk to use with your partner to make him go crazy for you:

  • Your smell makes weak in the knees – This dirty phrase always works best for men. It is no secret that all men want their girl to be sexy and wild. They want her to say things that can turn him on within no time. So next time you feel like indulging in hot sex with your guy, use this phrase.
  • Ride Me Hunny, don’t stop! – This is one of the dirty phrase that never fails to work on guys. All you need to do is to make some sexy moves and lean forward towards your guy. Say things that seduce him and indulge in passionate love making.
  • I want you inside me Hun, Come on – It is always advisable to begin lovemaking with foreplay. So make sure you do some cuddling, kissing and dirty talks before jumping straight to sex. This will not only make your sex life fun, but will also bring your partner closer to you.
  • Oh yeah, like that baby, don’t stop – Whether it is work or sex, everyone loves motivation. So make sure that you motivate your guy by using dirty phrases that make him want more. While sex, keep telling him that he is doing good and you are enjoying sex with him.
  • Harder Darling, Harder – Many women shy away from telling their partner what they feel. But having a good sex is all about being yourself. So express yourself and tell him if you want more or want him to be a little dirty with you. It will not make any difference to your relationship, but will surely make him wild and hotter.
  • I want to give you the best Oral SEX, you’ve ever had – It is undoubtedly the thing that all men want to hear from you. Guys love oral sex and if you are good at it, then there is nothing else you need to drive him crazy. Just give him a good oral sex and he will devote himself to you no matter what. Try it and don’t forget to thank us later.
  • I am feeling so horny right now – If you are looking out for ways to intensify your sex life, then trust me you need to show a little passion and lust. Wear your favorite piece of lingerie, whisper a little in his ears, and tell him you are feeling horny tonight. Trust me, doing so will make him lose all his control and you both will enjoy a rocking sex.
  • Kiss me, my lips and my breasts and all the way to my.. – Trust me, nothing can beat this phrase, If you are seeking out a hot and wild sex with your partner. This phrase will not just turn him on, but will also fill his mind with passion, compassion as well as wild thoughts. This phrase will surely make you both enjoy some passionate lovemaking.
  • I want to feel you on top of me – Every guy wants their women to tell them what they dream of doing with their partners. They want women to share their fantasies and share them everything they feel for them. Telling him this phrase will surely blow his mind. He will be surprised to see a new you. Show him your wild side and make him yours forever.
  • I just want to be yours tonight. All yours – Telling your love and devotion for your partner is the best way to seek his attention. In fact, sometimes surprising your partner by showing him a side that he has never seen in you is the best way to spice up your sex life. So why don’t be a someone you are not or show him a side that he had never seen.
  • Every time I think of the last time we made out, It turns me on – It is the best way to boost the confidence of your partner. Telling him that his moves are amazing and he drives you crazy with his touches is all he needs to hear from you.
  • I need you to come close to me – Telling your partner that you want to come close to him and feel him is the best way to make him go crazy.
  • I want to be used by you tonight – This phrase is all you need to turn him on. Walk into the room, wear a sexy night dress, walk in sensual style and tell him that you want to be used by him. This will drive him crazy.
  • Stop talking and let me be completely yours – Sometimes it is good to talk less and start your night with a passionate love making to add a spunk to your sex life. So tell him to stop talking and make love.
  • I love the way you taste, It drives me crazy – Your boyfriend will surely love this one. As we all know, we all have a different odor and taste. Telling your partner that you love the way you taste will make him love you even more.
  • Keep going, keep going! – Telling your partner to love you and keep going while making sex is the hottest way to add spice and spark to your sex life. Use dirty phrases, make some wild moves and make him want for more.
  • I want you to go deep down on me – Well, nothing can be hotter than telling your partner that you want him to go down on you. Hearing this from you will not just turn on his mind, but it will also fill his body with great passion and excitement that he will take off his clothes and will indulge in some serious lovemaking.
  • Let’s just go wild and do something wild tonight – As we all have busy lives now, it is even more difficult to find out time for each other to indulge in love making. So whenever you get time, utilize it the best way possible and ask your boyfriend to go wild and do something wild tonight.
  • Every time you touch me, I feel so weak and turned on – Telling your boyfriend that his touches makes you go weak in your knees and turns you on is the best way to make him crazy. Tell him that he is special and it feels great every time you come close to him.
  • Let’s just do it all tonight – Well, what’s better than telling your partner that you want to do it all tonight. Let him dominate you and do everything he ever asked you to do. Fulfill all his fantasies and try out all the positions he ever wanted to try.

So don’t be shy and try out these dirty phrases with your boyfriend that will surely make him go crazy.

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